Boat TV Antennas

with Mast Mount

A selection of TV antennas specially designed for use on boats.  We at Hamble Marine/Universal Yacht Parts feature the best TV Antenna deals on the market. We have the widest range available with a selection of Antenna types and Mounts (including some exclusive to us).  We source most of the products direct from manufacturer and are featured on this site at the lowest possible price.


Confused with all this choice?

First decision is to choose the style – the most popular is the familiar “mushroom” style (the 250 series).  However you might prefer the “pear-drop” style (the 335 series).  Or for lowest cost (and slightly lower performance) choose the “whip” style (the 331 series).

The second decision is to choose the type of mount required – Standard (white nylon for mounting on a flat surface), Stainless Steel (also for mounting on a flat service) Rail (these fit the standard 22mm or 25mm rails = 7/8in or 1in rails) or Mast Mount (offsets the antenna to the side of the mast).