Banten AISSBSPLTX3 Active Antenna Splitter for AIS VHF Transceivers & Systems


Banten AISSBSPLTX3 Active Antenna Splitter/Diplexer for AIS VHF Transceivers & Sytems for boats with VHF and AIS

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This Antenna Splitter is intended to be used with any AIS Transceiver to enable your existing boat VHF antenna to be used for receiving & transmitting AIS data.

Installation is quick and simple with interconnecting cables supplied to link the AIS Transceiver and the boat VHF Transmitter. Reception on the AIS Receiver and the VHF Radio is now possible simultaneously. AIS reception will be blocked when you are transmitting on the VHF Radio.

  • Simple and quick to install, reducing installation time and cost.
  • An extra connection is available to connect to your stereo radio system with an internal amplifier to improve reception.
  • Fail safe operation ensures the VHF radio is connected to the antenna in the event of a power loss.
  • Operation from 12/24 VDC with built-in fuse.

Technical Specification:

  • Frequency VHF          156-162MHz
  • Frequency AIS           163MHz
  • VHF Max Power          30W
  • VHF/AIS Connections  2 x PL259 plug
  • Radio connection        F socket connector
  • Indicators for             VHF TX + AIS TX/power
  • DC Power                  10-24V at 100mA
  • Box Material              Metal
  • Dimensions               140 x 63 x 30mm

   Supplied with cables and installation & user instructions

Note: PRICE CRASH – Hamble Marine have done it again!  As far as we know this is the cheapest AIS Transmit Splitter available on the UK market.  Comparable antenna splitters from other suppliers normally sell for around £250, but we import these direct from manufacturer and are able to offer them at this excellent price.

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