Banten marine VHF S/S Whip Antenna with universal mount and cable (boat aerial)


Banten Marine VHF Aerial/Antenna with 1m stainless steel whip, Universal mounting bracket and cable 

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Stainless Steel Whip Antenna

This antenna is from Banten’s VHF Marine Antenna range and represents outstanding value-for-money.

Features include:

  • Quality low-profile stainless steel whip
  • Lightweight
  • Universal “fold-over” bracket particularly suitable for mounting on Powerboats
  • 5m of white RG-58 cable
  • PL-259 plug included for connection to your marine VHF radio


  • Stainless steel whip section 1.0m for high performance
  • Frequency = 156 – 162MHz
  • Gain = 3dB
  • S.W.R. = 1:1
  • Impedance = 50ohm
  • Power rating = 25W
  • White nylon 4-way base

Note: These antennas would normally sell upwards of £60, but we import them direct from manufacturer and are able to offer them at this fantastic price.


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