Garmin Transom Depth Transducer, 200/50Khz, 10272 for 450S, 451S, 551S, RIBs etc


Brand new and boxed Garmin Transducer, 200/50Khz, 10/40deg, plastic, transom mount, depth, temp

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The 500 W 6-pin transducer has a maximum depth of 1,500 ft; an operating frequency of 50 to 200 kHz; a beamwidth of 40 to 10 degrees; and mounts on a 0 to 70 degree transom.
The Transducer kit comes with installation instructions. Follow the instructions carefully to avoid damaging your boat.
Typical usage: Inboard/outboard or jet-powered boats; fibreglass, aluminium, wood of inflatable hulls, RIBs etc.

These Transducers are suitable for some of the current range of Garmin Chartplotters and Fishfinders and many of the recently discontinued products inc. 178, 178C, 188, 188C, 198C, 235, 238 and 298 sounders, the 420s, 421s, 430s, 440s, 450s, 451s, 520s, 521s, 525s, 530s, 535s, 540s, 545s, 550s, 551s, 555s, 556s, 720s, 740s, 750s chartplotters and FishFinder models 90, 100, 120, 140, 160, 160C, 240, 250, 250C, 300C, 320C, 340C, 400C, plus Sounder Boxes GSD20, 21 & 22 and Network Expander GMS10.

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