Quark QK-A015-TX Active Antenna Splitter for AIS VHF Transceivers & Systems


Quark QK-A015-TX Active Antenna Splitter/Diplexer for AIS VHF Transceivers & Sytems for boats with VHF and AIS

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This Antenna Splitter is intended to be used with any AIS Transceiver to enable your existing boat VHF antenna to be used for receiving & transmitting AIS data.
  • The QK-A015-TX Active AIS-VHF Antenna Splitter allows one VHF antenna to be shared between VHF and AIS devices:
  • VHF radio (reception and transmission)
  • AIS transponder (reception and transmission)
  • AM/FM radio (reception).

Note: AIS reception will be blocked when you are transmitting on the VHF Radio.

  • Built-in preamplifier providing AIS signal Gain (typically 12dB) maximizes AIS reception and range
  • VHF fail-safe functionality to continue transmitting VHF radio even if the power to the splitter fails
  • Straight forward connection (no configuration required)
  • Low power consumption.
  • An extra connection is available to connect to your stereo radio/DAB system with an internal amplifier to improve reception.


    • 12V-24V powered
    • Low power consumption
    • Uses standard SO239 connector for VHF, AIS and antenna connections
    • Typical AIS Gain 12dB
    • Less insert loss (≤ 3.0dB) for VHF radio and FM/AM radio(≤ 0.5 dB)
    • Built-in preamplifier(typical Gain 12dB) providing AIS signal gain and maximizes receivers’ range
    • LED power and status indicator
    • Compact & easy to install
    • VHF failsafe function – in the unlikely case of Splitter power loss or failure, the VHF radio remains functional, as VHF radio has full priority..

    Fully compatible with all AIS transponders and will maximize their performance.

    The A015-TX is an active splitter.

    This is an important distinction, as, while many splitters cause signal loss, an active splitter actually provides a signal gain for AIS and minimizes VHF and FM/AM insert loss. The A015-TX’s built-in pre-amplifier amplifies the AIS signals, thereby increasing the AIS receiver range and reception.

    What’s in the box?

    • 1 x QK-A015-TX
    • 1 x CD containing Manual and Setup Guide
    • 1 x printed Setup Guide
    This is new UK stock and will come with the full 24-months manufacturer’s warranty.  We offer full Technical Support on this product.

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