AIS Receiver (QK-A024 Dual Channel) + VHF Antenna (QK-AS02) + 12v PSU Combo


AIS Receiver + VHF Antenna + 12V Plug Combo comprising Quark QK-A024 Dual Channel Receiver with WiFi plus Quark QK-AS02 Antenna at a very special price – less than most Suppliers charge just for the AIS Receiver!

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This special combination package (exclusive to Hamble Marine) enables you to receive AIS Data with a separate Marine VHF Antenna. It also includes a Twin Port 12V Universal USB PSU to power the QK-A024 plus enable you to charge or power other USB devices.

Details of the Quark QK-A024 Dual Channel Marine AIS Receiver with WiFi & NMEA

QK-A024 is a compact dual channel, VHF AIS receiver and is able to receive information from both AIS frequencies simultaneously. It can also combine one external NMEA0813 (4.8kbps) data source with GPS and AIS messages. This single data stream is then transmitted synchronously via WiFi, USB and RS422.
The marine Automatic Identification System (AIS) is a location and vessel information reporting system. It allows vessels equipped with AIS to automatically, and dynamically share and regularly update their position, speed, course and other information such as vessel identity with similarly equipped vessels. Position is derived from the Global Positioning System (GPS) and communication between vessels is by Very High Frequency (VHF) digital transmissions. There are a number of types of AIS device, like Class A transceivers, Class B transceivers, AIS base stations, Aids to Navigation (AtoN) and AIS receivers.


  • Two independent receivers monitoring AIS channels (161.975MHz & 162.025MHz) and decoding both channels simultaneously
  • Sensitivity down to -107 dBm@30% PER
  • Up to 55 nautical miles receiving range
  • USB 2.0 powered (<270mA @ 5.0V)
  • NMEA-0183 message output through WiFi, USB and RS422
  • Combine NMEA input (4.8kpbs only), GPS and AIS messages and output as a seamless stream of data
  • BNC connector for 50 Ohm VHF antenna
  • SMA connector for 50 Ohm GPS antenna
  • Compatible with Windows XP,7,8,10,Mac OS X, Linux systems
  • Plug & play connectivity with most chart plotters and PCs

A full Application note is available for download here.

In the box:

  • QK-A024 AIS receiver
  • WiFi Antenna
  • Mini-USB to standard USB cable
  • Mini-CD with Drivers and Application Note/User Instructions

Details of the Quark QK-AS02 Antenna

This antenna is specially designed to receive AIS transmissions and is supplied with a universal rail bracket for ease of mounting on either sailboats or motorboats.
The Automatic Identification System (AIS) is a monitoring system for all types of shipping, useful for navigation safety with difficult meteorological conditions (fog or night navigation.) The AIS system operates on 2 expressly dedicated VHF channels (161.975 and 162.025 MHz) and allows the user to receive real time information about the traffic in the surrounding area. Quark has designed and manufactured a range of AIS products specifically for the special VHF frequencies used by AIS equipment.
Includes a 5m RG5 8U Co-axial cable which connects using a male BNC connector to the VHF/AIS receiver. The whip is partially sprung to provide increased flexibility and durability and is coated to reduce corrosion. Ideal for outdoor applications needing a sturdy, movable antenna. Suitable for boats and other vehicles.

Technical Specification:

    • FREQUENCY RANGE 160 MHz to 164 MHz
    • GAIN AVERAGE 2.15 dBi
    • IMPEDANCE 50 ohms
    • POLARIZATION Vertical
    • SWR less than 1.5:1
    • ANTENNA LENGTH 445mm
    • CABLE LENGTH 5m/15ft
    • CABLE PLUG BNC (male)
    • CLASP MOUNT for fitting to vertical or horizontal rail (20 – 25mm dia)

In the Pack:

  • Quark AIS antenna
  • Mounting Bracket


PLUS – This Combo pack includes a Twin Port 12V Universal USB PSU to power the QK-A024 and enable you to charge or power other USB devices.

This is without doubt the cheapest way of getting AIS on your boat!!

We can also supply separate AIS transponders, antenna splitters and antennas depending on your requirements.

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