Complete QK-A051T WiFi AIS Transponder with VHF Antenna Combo


Complete QK-A051T WiFi AIS Transponder with VHF Antenna Combo.
This special combination package (exclusive to Hamble Marine) enables you to transmit and receive AIS Data using a separate Marine VHF Antenna.

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Details of the Quark QK-A051T WiFi AIS Transponder


The Quark A051T Class B AIS Transponder is the ideal solution to transmit your ship’s information, including; location, name, course, speed etc..
The ideal transponder to fulfil your local Class B legal requirements, as well as for peace of mind and project tracking,
This is the ideal, compact AIS transponder.
In addition to transmitting your AIS information to local boats and receiving stations, the A051T will also decode incoming AIS messages.
The A051T will receive and decode your GPS location as well as the AIS messages from local ships. Combining the AIS and GPS data, you will be able to view which other boats and ships are around and your position compared to them and the coastline.
You can view your AIS and GPS data on:

  • up to two chart plotters
  • your laptop, computer or tablet through USB OTG (Android or Linux compatible)
  • up to 4 WiFi enabled devices

Straight forward setup.

Note: setup must be carried out on a computer running MS Windows.
In use, the received AIS data can be viewed on (almost) any device including compatible Chart-plotters using NMEA or via WiFi with a program or App on a windows, iPad, iPhone, Mac, android or Linux device.


  • Transmission of vessels own position, speed and heading etc. to other vessels and receiving stations within VHF range
  • Receives and processes GPS and all AIS message types
  • A method of monitoring the position, speed and heading of other AIS vessels within VHF range
  • The ability to plot the progress and changes in heading/speed of other AIS vessels within VHF range on a PC, chart plotter or wireless device.
  • AIS Transmitter ‘Standby’ facility to conserve power, or for privacy.
  • Low-cost anti-collision / monitoring system
  • Complies with all necessary standards under the European R & TTE article
  • LED lights give real-time feedback. LEDs flash each time a message is successfully transmitted or received, so you can have confidence the A051T is transmitting your information.
  • In addition, you have the option to read the actual ‘raw’ AIS messages received, using the free application ‘OceanCom’.

Technical Summary:

  • AIS transmission rate: 2 Watts
  • AIS receiving range: depends on antenna type but potentially up to 55nm
  • VHF connector port: Standard SO239/UHF Female connector. Connects to an external VHF/AIS antenna (requires standard PL-259/UHF Male Plug)
  • GPS connector: TNC female bulkhead connector for connection to an external GPS antenna. The A051T includes a built in GPS module and only requires a GPS antenna to be connected (included in this package)
  • POWER connector: 9 pin POWER/NMEA connector
  • POWER supply range: 12V – 35V
  • 2 NMEA 0183 output ports (1x RS422 and 1x RS232): For connection to chart plotters and other NMEA0183 compatible equipment as desired.
  • USB output: Type B USB for easy connecting to your laptop or PC (Data viewing and configuration when required)
  • WiFi Output: The NMEA 0183 sentences are also transmitted through WiFi. It supports Ad-hoc and Station mode WiFi (with and without a router). No configuration required for Ad-hoc WiFi.
  • LED lights confirm incoming and outgoing AIS messages, GPS, WiFi and Power

Perfect for use in all Class B boats (under 300 tonnes etc.): sailing boats or yachts, small fishing boats, etc..

Easy to install and use…
Step 1 – Decide where to put the transponder on your boat
A key advantage of this Class B Transceiver is that it is encased in aluminium – to minimize interference from other equipment. This opens up many more places you can install the A051T, compared to most other transponders.
Step 2 – Choose your power source
The A051T Class B Transponder can be powered by a power supply ranging from 12v to 24v. This covers most power sources used on boats, and is a distinct advantage over transponders that are powered only by a 12v power supply.
Step 3 – What do you want to see?
The Class B Transponder will of course broadcast your location – but in addition it also receives AIS signals from other ships in your area and receives your GPS location.
Your A051T transponder has input ports where you simply connect your antennas.
You will need to install two antennas:

  1. A VHF antenna – to collect and transmit the AIS data. (If you want to use the same VHF aerial as your radio communication, simply use a splitter before connection.)
  2. A GPS antenna – used to pinpoint your accurate location

Step 4 – Transmitting your location (ON/OFF)
As this is a Class B transponder, you can decide when (or if) you want to transmit your location, using STANDBY mode in the Configuration software.
Step 5 –Which screen/s will you connect your A051T transponder to:

  • Chart plotter NMEA 0183 RS422
  • Chart plotter NMEA 0183 RS232
  • Windows or Linux laptop (using the USB input or WiFi)
  • Up to 4 wireless devices (phones, tablets or laptops) in Ad-hoc mode WiFi
  • Wireless devices through your Access point/router in Station mode Wifi

This Transponder works in both WiFi modes, Ad-hoc and Station modes.

Who will be able to see my transmitted AIS signal?

  • Nearby ships will be able to view your details using their AIS receiver, even in bad weather and poor visibility.
  • Around the world, AIS data from most ports, coastlines and internal waterways is uploaded to the internet by the local community. This means that, if you are in one of these areas; your teammates, partners and loved ones will be able to view your location, using one of the free online AIS websites, from anywhere in the world.
  • Whether for peace of mind or project tracking, this can be very useful.

What’s in the box?

  • A051T AIS Transponder (class B)
  • WiFi antenna
  • GPS Antenna (+ adapter)
  • 9 pin POWER/NMEA cable
  • USB cable
  • CD containing Manuals, Configuration software and drivers

IMPORTANT: Class B Transponder
AIS transponders themselves don’t need to be registered, however, each requires a unique and official 9-digit Maritime Mobile Service Identity (MMSI) number assigned to the vessel and its owner.
To obtain an MMSI number, you should contact the relevant authority in your country (OFCOM in the UK).

Details of the Quark AIS/VHF Whip Antenna QK-AS02
This antenna is specially designed to receive AIS transmissions and is supplied with a universal rail bracket for ease of mounting on either sailboats or motorboats.
The Automatic Identification System (AIS) is a monitoring system for all types of shipping, useful for navigation safety with difficult meteorological conditions (fog or night navigation.) The AIS system operates on 2 expressly dedicated VHF channels (161.975 and 162.025 MHz) and allows the user to receive real time information about the traffic in the surrounding area. Quark has designed and manufactured a range of AIS products specifically for the special VHF frequencies used by AIS equipment.
Includes a 5m RG5 8U Co-axial cable which connects using a male BNC connector to the VHF/AIS receiver of your choice. The whip is partially sprung to provide increased flexibility and durability and is coated to reduce corrosion. Ideal for outdoor applications needing a sturdy, movable antenna. Suitable for boats and other vehicles.

Technical Specification:

  • FREQUENCY RANGE 160 MHz to 164 MHz
  • GAIN AVERAGE 2.15 dBi
  • IMPEDANCE 50 ohms
  • SWR less than 1.5:1
  • CABLE LENGTH 5m/15ft
  • CABLE PLUG BNC (male)
  • CLASP MOUNT for fitting to vertical or horizontal rail (20 – 25mm dia)

In the Pack:

  • Quark AIS antenna
  • Mounting Bracket

We can also supply separate AIS receivers, antenna splitters and antennas depending on your requirements.

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