AIS/VHF Whip Antenna (Quark QK-AS02) for Marine and Boat AIS systems


Quark AIS/VHF Whip Antenna QK-AS02

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This antenna is specially designed to receive AIS transmissions and is supplied with a universal rail bracket for ease of mounting on either sailboats or motorboats.
The Automatic Identification System (AIS) is a monitoring system for all types of shipping, useful for navigation safety with difficult meteorological conditions (fog or night navigation.) The AIS system operates on 2 expressly dedicated VHF channels (161.975 and 162.025 MHz) and allows the user to receive real time information about the traffic in the surrounding area. Quark has designed and manufactured a range of AIS products specifically for the special VHF frequencies used by AIS equipment.
Includes a 5m RG5 8U Co-axial cable which connects using a male BNC connector to the VHF/AIS receiver of your choice. The whip is partially sprung to provide increased flexibility and durability and is coated to reduce corrosion. Ideal for outdoor applications needing a sturdy, movable antenna. Suitable for boats and other vehicles.

Technical Specification:

  • FREQUENCY RANGE 160 MHz to 164 MHz
  • GAIN AVERAGE 2.15 dBi
  • IMPEDANCE 50 ohms
  • SWR less than 1.5:1
  • CABLE LENGTH 5m/15ft
  • CABLE PLUG BNC (male)
  • CLASP MOUNT for fitting to vertical or horizontal rail (20 – 25mm dia)

In the Pack:

  • Quark AIS antenna
  • Mounting Bracket
This is new UK stock and will come with the full 12-months manufacturer’s warranty.  We offer full Technical Support on this product.

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