Banten Omni Freeview TV digital aerial antenna 335 for boat + white Rail Bracket


Brand new and boxed Omnidirectional TV Aerial/Antenna de-luxe model 335 for all UK digital/freeview channels complete with new heavy-duty Rail Mount for standard 25mm rails

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This TV Antenna is suitable for all UK television channels including DVB-T Digital/Freeview and will operate on 12volt and 24volt systems.

It is specially designed for use on boats (unlike many other portable aerials for sale on the internet) and is also very suitable for mounting on a caravan or mobile home.

In spite of its small size (10cm diameter and 18cms tall) it offers excellent reception due to its built-in low noise amplifier and 26dB gain and built-in 4G LTE Filter.

Full coverage of the complete UHF TV band 470 – 860MHz.

It is supplied complete with 10m low loss coax cable, 2 x connectors, power supply with variable gain & 12v-24v supply lead plus a rail mount (for 25mm/1inch rails). NOTE – the power supply unit plugs into the antenna socket of your TV.

We also sell this product with alternative mounts – see separate listing for see separate listing for Standard Mount [item 271217826583], Stainless Steel Mount [item 271217826886] or Stainless Steel Mast Mount [item 281117326682].

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