Trade Sales

We are always pleased to supply other Marine Traders with products where possible.

In particular, as the largest Independent UK Importer of Banten products, we can supply items from their range at very attractive trade discounts. 

Discounts start from as few as 5 items (can be mixed).  Because we carry stock in the UK, most small orders can be delivered on a 2-to-3-day basis although if you want something really, really urgently, next-day delivery can often be arranged also.

The easiest way to get started is to send an email to sales<at> giving us an idea of what you want and we’ll respond with a quotation.  Ordering can then be done on this website with a special discount code we will tell you.

The range of Marine VHF antennas is self explanatory, with both Stainless Steel and Fibre-glass whips available with a variety of bases.

All the Boat/Caravan TV antennas can be ordered with the Mounts separately i.e. you can order a mixture of say 5 antennas plus 5 mounts on a mix-and-match basis that you combine at time of sale thereby reducing you overall stock holding.

If you have any questions, please call us on 023 8000 1088 and we’ll try and help.