VHF Antennas


S/S Whip, Universal Mount

We supply a range of VHF Antennas for Power Boats and Sailing Yachts from the leading manufacturers such as Banten and Shakespeare/V-Tronix etc.

The stainless steel whips being thinner have lower wind resistance that fibre-glass whips.  But the fibre-glass ones can look better in certain conditions as they are finished in a white colour.  If you are not sure which to use, as a guide, stainless steel whips tend to be used on Sailing Yachts and fibre-glass ones tend to be used on Power Boats.

Full instructions for fitting the “Solderless Cable Connection” and the PL259 “Connector Assembly” on the Banten Antennas is enclosed with the product but are also available to download here.